Changing Companies

It always feels difficult to change the broker you work for.  Chad Pederson will do everything possible to make the transition as easy as it can be.  This starts by making you welcome with your new team.

When I moved from another broker, I thought the process was going to be difficult.  Chad is so welcoming, it feels like I’ve been working with him my entire career. —  Jennifer Haas

Smaller is better.  We know it.  We live it.

I came from a huge broker.  I realized I was just one of the drones.  No support.  No marketing.  No questions answered.  I found a home at Pederson Realty. — Tim Gordon

We’re looking for hard working agents that are looking to take their successful career to the next step.  We’ll work with you to make the transition easy with our personal touch, tools and services:

  • Lead Management and CRM System
  • Company Provided Leads
  • Market Reports
  • Seller Online Marketing Report – Automatically Emailed
  • Marketing Support

You will find an incredible amount of support from marketing development to client support within the team at Pederson Realty. We are committed to providing you the best tools, training and support services to enhance your career.

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